Top 10 Hunting Dog Breeds in 2020 For You

Top 10 Hunting Dog Breeds in 2020 For You

Top 10 hunting dog breeds Dogs are not only man’s best friends, but they are also excellent hunting companions. Dogs have been helping humans in hunting since antiquity, for example the Egyptians used to dogs to locate the Springboks.

Since then, many of the dogs have been bred to track and locate prey with such skill to go home with nothing seems impossible.

The hunt is rooted entirely in some breeds, which can be a problem for inexperienced owners, but for people who practice hunting as a means of survival or for sport, hunting dogs are the ideal companions.

For the best breeds of hunting we show you a list of the top 10 breeds of hunting dogs

10. DACHSHUND Top 10 hunting dog breeds

The Dachshund is a rare breed because of its small size, it is good for hunting and urban life. These long and small dogs use their powerful legs to locate a variety of small animals. The breed dates back to 17th century Europe where they used to hunt badgers, foxes and rabbits. A dachs purpose comes from the German word badger.

Besides its size and strength, these dogs often display certain characteristics of a terrier like courage and tenacity.

Today many owners raise Dachshunds as companion dogs, but the size and reckless nature of this breed make good hunting companions.


These cheerful and small dogs are harder to find than many of the popular hunting breeds. It is a muscular dog with a thick neck and strong legs.

The Fox Terrier originated in England in the 17th century and was bred to hunt and find the foxes from their dens and other hiding places. Their small bodies allow them to enter confined spaces and long legs allow them to pursue the trail of foxes.


Some researchers believe that this dog is the genetic basis of a series of hunting breeds including spaniels and Portuguese Water Dog. He is very intelligent, agile and easy to train, the Spanish Water Dog is a medium sized dog that is well equipped to dive and retrieve waterfowl. Their thick fur, makes the race more suitable for waterfowl hunting activities.

The Spanish Water Dogs have been used as goat herders in the region of Andalusia in Spain for centuries. One of the many theories of the origin of the breed is that Turkish traders brought the dog to southern Spain to herd cattle as they moved around the Mediterranean.

But Spanish Water Dogs are used for search and rescue as well as pumps and narcotics detection. In recent years, they have become popular show dogs.


These small, sturdy dogs are natural tracers, well known for releasing a distinct howl hunting.

He was raised for monitoring (solo, in pairs or groups) of small animals like rabbits, quails and pheasants.

The Beagle has a strong instinct to hunt and boundless energy. They are excellent trackers but potential aggressors with other pets.

Since the Beagle has a stubborn nature and prefer to always follow your nose will require a firm and appropriate training for hunting nature.


The Springer Spaniel, exhibits all the desirable qualities for a hunting breed. Considered as hunting dogs and bird dogs, these dogs midsize their name from their talent to scare birds from their hiding places for their masters can shoot.

They are small, but lack in size they make up for her strong legs and a high level of energy, which make them ideal for long days of hunting.

A main feature of this breed is to possess a short dense layer covered by a long upper layer, which help them effectively resist a variety of weather and climate conditions.

The soft grip mouth Springer Spaniel is also very suitable for the recovery of dams without causing damage. These qualities combined eager to please attitude and trainability make this versatile hunting dog is preferred by many lovers Hunting companion.


These dogs are known for their intelligence, endurance and willingness to be trained to hunt. Named for the French province which is believed to have originated, this popular breed of bird hunting has been used both to identify and recover a number of prey such as quail, partridge, pheasant and grouse since 1894.

These dogs are prized for its ability to adapt to different conditions of terrain, such as forests, plains and hills.

They are curious dogs have a tendency to wander, but remain popular because of its size and large capacity.


The Coonhound Dog Hunter Raccoons or almost all the time have the nose on the ground and intend to follow their prey, the Coonhound is another dog that does the work of a hunter easier.

This breed is based essentially on showing the hunter where the prey is located, these dogs usually chasing small mammals such as raccoons (hence its name) or opossums, chasing animals to trees and barking until its owner comes.

The Coonhound has a keen sense of smell, great speed and endurance. The dense layer of this dog also allows you to tolerate a wide range of climatic conditions.

3. ENGLISH SETTER Top 10 hunting dog breeds

The English Setters, originally trained as elite hunting dogs in the UK, combining the best qualities of water and sniffer dogs. After silently follow their prey with their excellent sense of smell, setters crouch and wait for the approach of the hunter rather than scare the birds of hiding.

Like all good hunting dogs, English Setters can be easily trained and have lots of energy. Its well-muscled legs carry them quickly and effortlessly through the ground, and not easily tired. Hunting is the perfect way to entertain his enthusiasm and intelligence, without it, dogs need another type of activity as frequent walks.

2. German Shorthaired Pointer Top 10 hunting dog breeds

Known for his versatility in the field, work equally well on land and in water. They are best known as hunting dogs, however they are excellent and expert trackers terrestrial mammals such as raccoons, possums and deer.

They are very smart, they are also obedient and easy to train.

German Shorthaired Pointer Agility is evident, as they always are ahead of the hunters to locate prey. It is also considered to have the best capacity suspicion of all hunting dogs, the German Shorthaired Pointer is another race that does not scare the prey but only tracks and points the target.

1. LABRADOR RETRIEVER Top 10 hunting dog breeds

The Labrador Retriever is aptly named the best hunting companion. Perhaps Labradors are known as water dogs, due to its layers of hair moisture repellent and feet in web form that drive easily in the water in search of prey. The Labrador is also equipped with a high level of intelligence and good temper, which make them ideal for training. These qualities serve as part of the reason why Labradors are considered popular in the United States.

As water dog, also has a soft grip that allows you to retrieve the prey without damaging it. Labradors also make good trackers and indicators, and quickly adapt to a wide range of environments

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