Hybrid And Boxer Dog Breeds

Hybrid and Boxer Dog Today we are discuse the two breeds of dog.

1.Hybrid Breed Dogs

2.Boxer Breed Dogs

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Hybrid Dog Breed

Hybrid (or designer dogs) are gaining much popularity these days because of the way these races can be moldged to perfection. In most hybrid dogs, unwanted characteristics of parents are killed and preferred features are retained, creating races that come with a lot of positives. One example is that of Morkies – a cross between the Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier. The owners believe that, along with her cute features and lively behavior, one of its most striking features is their loyalty to the owners – which makes this a very popular breed.

Race and Appearance Of Hybrid Dog

The dog breed Morkie is not a purebred, so will not be registered as a purebred, even if it is the first generation. They are a hybrid between Malta and Yorkshire terrier breeds and are also known as Yorktese. The appearance of the puppy depends on the breed that comes. If you find that among a litter of puppies looks like a Maltese, while the other looks like Yorkshire, then do not be surprised if this is nothing new.

Coat, Height and Weight

The coat color may again vary depending on the breed of the parents. But mostly, the color observed is often a curtain of white or brown damask. The most common Morkies that can see around are black and tan that, as they grow, it becomes grayish silver. Another important fact is that their fur is soft enough and this is one of the dogs do not shed, which means you will not find on the couch or in bed or room, full of dog hair long. Layers are also long and straight and flowing, thus requiring a haircut and often need to be brushed daily. Most of the time, the puppies dogs seem rather Maltese Yorkshire. Morkie dog breeds grow to a height of 6-9 inches. Some may even grow to a height of 12 inches. They weigh about 7-8 pounds.

General Health Of Hybrid Dog

Like any pet owner concerned, you are bound to worry about the overall health of mixed race. Before buying a Morkie puppy is advisable to conduct a general check on the health of the dogs parents. Sometimes, you may transmit disease dog puppies. During the preparation of your Morkie sure to pay special attention to the hair around the eyes, feet and legs to prevent the accumulation of dirt, tangles and mats. Wash with a mild medicated shampoo to get rid of dog fleas. Brush your teeth frequently otherwise you could lose at an early age.

Also, take your puppy for regular checkups. If you are not careful, then Morkies, as they grow, they may show signs of illness such as tracheal collapse, cataracts or glaucoma, or any type of heart disease. These are some of the diseases that puppies can acquire from their parents. Therefore, to conduct adequate research on kinship and lineage of the puppies. Your Morkie going to live a healthy lifestyle for at least 16 years if you take proper care of it.

Behavior and Character

Dogs are back to base, constantly yearning for attention from its owner, and nothing will make them happier than spending time with the owner. Socialize in the early stages of development is driven by another, tend to be stubborn and difficult to train later. Once you know how to socialize, they can be very friendly. Morkies not react well if ignored for a long time and act temperamental. Also, do not go by size. Although they are small little things make a good watchdog. They are always alert and not to entertain strangers. If they see that their teacher is friendly with the other person, only then the puppies or dogs, entertain the stranger. The Morkies get this courageous attitude of the Maltese.


Morkies are best suited for an environment that turns closer family members. It is recommended for families with very young children to not opt ​​for this pet as it is a fragile dog and play with children can cause accidents. They are attention seekers and love to spend time with the family. These dogs do not need large park for walking or running, since they are small, a casual stroll through the park is a form of exercise enough for them, but usually insist on going for a long walk. Morkies is within fairly active home but if not get enough exercise outdoors, are kept busy at home to start chewing furniture and other things.

However, Morkies are the sweetest dogs apartment can be found. Only provide them with the care, love and the paparazzi treatment they need and dog owner not be happier. These loyal and devoted mixed breeds are undoubtedly unique in its own way!

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Morkie Puppies Information

Boxer dog breed

Varieties: a) fawn; b) brindle
Medium in size, robust but harmonious and elegant. The head is square with short muzzle to the skull: the proportion is 1/2. This is a dog undershot, with the mandible which is slightly more advanced than the jaw. This type of dentition is a fault in most breeds but it is prescribed in the standard of the Boxer. The eyes are very dark. The ears can be cut to a point or left whole: in the latter case, they fall forward with a slight bend. The tail is set high, cut short and carried erect or left to natural.

Coat: short, hard, shiny and adherent.

Color: yellow (in different tones, from dark red to light tawny yellow) or brindle. The white patches are permissible provided they represent less than one third of the base color.
Size: 57-63 cm for males and 53 to 59 cm for females
Weight: 30-38 kg for males and 24-32 kg for females

Origins and history

It descends from the former “Bullenbeisser” (catcher bulls), and in particular the bulls Dog Brabant, a type of Bullenbeisser less stocky and more flexible. The current type of topics in exhibitions since the end of last century.
Character and abilities
This is one of the most balanced fighting dogs and having the best character. The Boxer is very gentle with children and love them so much that we could award him the prize for “best babysitter on all fours in the world.” He is gay, playful and friendly with everyone, unless someone wants to his master or his property. In this case, it becomes a terrible opponent. It is not easy to train for a layman, but it gives wonderful results if it is entrusted to expert hands. However, even if it is not prepared, it spontaneously fills the gatekeeper function and advocate, especially vis-à-vis children. It remains sociable and even old player once.

Health Of Boxer Breed Dog

Like all dogs to short chamfer, the Boxer can have respiratory problems in the event of excessive heat.
Average life expectancy: 10 years
The Boxer can live in a garden, even during the winter, it has a suitable shelter, but he prefers to live inside with his teachers because of its extremely sociable character. It should never be left in a car in direct sunlight or in a garden without the opportunity to get in the shade. In one house, he does not lose his hair but he drools a little.

Information and tips

As it is a very common dog, we can find puppies. Simply, it is not always selected topics correctly. So it is always advisable to contact a good breeding because unselected dogs might not have the wonderful character of which we spoke. If you consider the fact that drool in the house is very annoying, you should choose a female because she drool less than the male.