Dog Heel Training in 2020

Dog Heel Training in 2020


Dog Heel Training.Everyine want a train dog who can walk with him.So here,I will share some awesome tips with you to train your dog.

When your dog joins in with family activities such as playing Frisbee, it is an enjoyable experience for both your family and your dog. Although you and your dog need to know where to draw the line. The method of how best to teach your dog to heel will be slightly different in each situation, due to the difference a dog’s personalities. Where as one owner may find it easier to train their dog to heel using their lead, another may find it easier to train their dog without the lead. Most puppies love to please their owners and so in the majority of situations, they will listen and obey your commands.

Smell Of Food

The smell of food is always a good way to lead your dog, so it is essential to carry treats with you at all times during training. Make sure your dog is always on your left hand side at all times to heel, attracting his attention by calling his name whilst holding onto his collar. Hold the treat out in front of your dig as you walk forwards, keeping your left hand close to his collar. Then give the command ‘heel’ in a form voice. Once this has been done, stop walking and bend down next to your dog. Command your dog to ‘wait’ and if he needs a little help, place your left arm in front of his back legs under his stomach. This prevents him from walking forwards.

Next Step ln Dog Heeling

The next step on from this is to speed up your pace of walking and slowing it down, commanding your dog to act the same. Your dog will learn to respond correctly when you give the ‘heel’ and ‘wait’ commands. Once he has learnt how to do this, you can then progress and teach your dog to turn with you as you walk.Teaching your dog to turn left and right require slightly different methods.

Dog Heel Training

To turn left, use your left hand to hold his collar, gently guiding him to the left. Whilst doing this, use the command ‘steady’, holding the treat low and close to your dog’s nose and you will find your dog will follow. To turn right, the method is a little different. Holding the treat close to your dog’s nose and bending your knees, turn right and repeat the command ‘heel’. In order to follow the smell of the treat, he will need to speed up and therefore will end up turning right.

If your dog is easily distracted, encourage them to concentrate by putting your left hand inside his collar until he moves back to the correct position. Your dog may try to jump up at you when you stop walking and to prevent him from doing this, try holding his collar and holding the treat low, tempt him to stay low with it. Teaching your dog to heel is important as your dog needs to know when to stop when commanded, especially if there is danger

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