Labrador Dog Training

Labrador Dog Training

A Labrador is an faimly dog but it become aggresive sometime.In this Article,I will teach you how deal with the labrador-Labrador Dog Training

Dealing with an aggressive Labrador can be challenging to some people. Majority Labradors are not aggressive and are kept as family dogs in many parts of the world. However, this dog can become aggressive as a result of various factors. Dealing with this dog when it turns aggressive requires understanding of what is making it aggressive.

Some of the reasons why a Labrador can become aggressive include being abandoned, being abused, temperamental defect based on the breed, among others. A dog that has been abused in the past may turn aggressive as a result of fear of other dogs or, human beings. Although this may appear like a severe problem that is hard to deal with, it can be resolved and eventually the pet become gentile. Nevertheless, this requires following of certain steps and knowledge of several things.

Know why your Labrador Retriever is aggressive

The first step in dealing with an aggressive Labrador is finding out the cause of this behavior. A common cause of an aggressive behavior is fear of something. Majority of pets that have an aggressive behavior have been socialized improperly with dogs or people. They are afraid of suffering a similar experience. They use aggressiveness as a defense mechanism or as an umbrella of protection. Excitement and fear are the major causes of aggressiveness in this pet.

There are cases when a Labrador can become aggressive in response to a dog or person who is also aggressive. There are times when a Labrador will growl to a person yelling during a television program. This is because in such cases, they want to offer protection to you since they take the person as a threat to them or a member of their pack.

Naturally, a dog becomes aggressive whenever it feels threatened. In fact, this dog can become aggressive after encountering a situation that seems scary. Nevertheless, after identifying the cause of aggressiveness in your dog, fixing this problem becomes easy.

Labrador Dog Training – Stopping the Aggression

Once you have identified the cause of aggression in your dog, it is now time to work on it. Some people try to punishing an aggressive Labrador when it displays this behavior. This is not the right way to remedy this problem. In fact, punishing a dog for this behavior can make it even more aggressive. Instead of doing this, try to identify the cause of aggressiveness in your dog and deal with it.

If it was abused in the past or abandoned, try to make it feel part of your family members. Avoid acts that can make it feel threatened. Instead, do things that make you friendly to it. There are also cases when a Labrador may become aggressive as a result of a medical condition. Punishing it in such times may worsen the condition.

Therefore, always deal with the cause of aggression and not punishing the dog. Perhaps, the best way of dealing with an aggressive dog is by rewarding it when it shows a positive reaction. Eventually, it will quit the aggressive reaction. Nevertheless, dealing with an aggressive Labrador requires patience and time for it to reform.

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