Dog Leash Training

Dog Leash Training


Dog Leash Training.Everyone wanna control their dogs when it is walking on road or anywhere.So in this article,I share some important tips with you to train your dog.I hope you will like.

Dog Leash

An extremely important piece of training dog leash trainning that you should give your dog as soon as possible is teaching your dog to walk on a lead.This is to ensure his safety at all times.You should never allow your dog to run of his own free will and you should keep him on a lead unless you are in a secure and safe place.

Teaching your dog to walk on a lead is important because you need to be able to be in control of your dog.When you are outside, especially in dangerous situations,for example, crossing the road. They need to learn to walk sensibly on their lead and not pull your arm out of its joint. As with all other methods of training, it is best to begin training your dog inside.
You should allow your dog to get used to the smell and feel of his collar and lead. This could be done by allowing your dog to drag his lead around the house when it is attached to his collar.

It is common sense to ensure that the collar fits your dog well. There is no point having a collar that is too big for your dog as he will slip it over his head and it will hurt your dog’s neck if the collar is too small.Even though you know your dog will get bigger in the future, don’t buy a collar that is too heavy as it will cause him discomfort until he grows into it. You can measure whether a collar fits properly by seeing if you can fit four fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck. If you can fit more than four fingers then you need to get a smaller collar and if you are unable to fit four fingers then you need to get a bigger collar.

Dog Leash

The first step to training your dog to walk on his lead is to hold the lead and treat in your right hand and use your left hand to hold the slack in the lead. Make sure that the dig is always on your left side. Once you have your dog’s attention, use the command ‘sit’. Start off walking using your left foot first and when he walks next to you use the ‘heel’ command.

You may find that.Your dog tries to pull forward and if you find that this is happening.

Slide your left hand down his lead and gently pull on his collar. Continue pulling his collar until he gets. This is to ensure his safety at all times. the heel position.

Once he is in this position, give him the treat and lots of praise. Then give the command ‘give’ continuing your praise. Your verbal praise is just as, if not more important, to your dog than treats.

Once your dog has mastered how to react properly to your commands. Take the training a step further and take him outside. This should help him learn to still react properly to your commands in different

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