Dog House Breaking Training

Dog House Breaking Training

Dog House Breaking-Lesson 3

Toilet training your dog is something that needs to be done as soon as
possible. Although your dog will have a couple of accidents along the way,
it is important that you do not use this as a punishment. Otherwise, your
dog will become frightened of you and may try to hide the ‘accidents’ from
you in the future. The following method doesn’t create
any fear in the puppy which is extremely important.

Main Steps

The first step of this training is to allow your new dog to go to
the toilet outside before he has the chance to go inside. This sets a
boundary for him as he knows where he can go to the toilet. The next and
slightly harder step is to teach your dog where he can’t go to the toilet!

When you first take your puppy into the garden to go to the toilet, make
sure that you stay with him. Although this may take some time,
and be tough on you in cold weather, this is an important part of training.

When you and your dog are in the house, watch him carefully, and ensure that
your family members are also paying close attention to him. If you notice
your dog sniffing around the house, and acting in a ‘busy’ or restless way,
then take him outside immediately and wait for him to go to the toilet.

It can be difficult to differentiate between when a puppy is sniffing around their
new home out of curiosity or whether they are sniffing
because they are looking for a place to go to the toilet.

At night or when you will be out for a long time, make sure you take your 
dog outside to go to the toilet before you go and take him out as soon as
you get home. Also, get a box or kennel for him to lie down and sleep in
inside the house. Your dog will not go to the toilet by the place where he
sleeps, it will encourage your dog to go to the toilet outside rather than

All this training may seem like a lot of time, work and effort but the
benefits can quickly be seen when your dog is fully trained. Buying and
looking after a dog is hard work but by taking the time to train him, he
will quickly becomes a dog that will do anything to please you and who is a
pleasure to have around.

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