Correcting Aggressive Behavior in dogs

Correcting Aggressive Behavior in dogs

Correcting Aggressive Behavior in dogs

In general, dogs are not naturally aggressive animals. Some dogs end up
being aggressive due to the way they have been brought up by their owners.
This could be because an owner doesn’t understand how to train their dog
properly or because they mistreat and abuse them.
Dogs show their aggression in a variety of ways from staring, growling,
barking or mounting or a combination of these things.

In some cases may a dog demonstrate its aggression
through biting, although this is only in extreme cases.
There is always a reason behind a dog’s aggression. Once the reason for the
aggression has been pinpointed, this will help find a cure for it and
hopefully stop this aggressive behavior for good.
There area unit several reasons why a dog could also be aggressive.
One reason is that a dog’s instinct is to dominate and
by being aggressive they believe that this will happen.
Another reason for aggression is that it is a dog’s instinct
to be the leader of the group and so to become this,
your dog believes that barking,
growling or some other aggressive behavior will make him the ‘leader’.As soon as your dog starts to become aggressive, this must be dealt with
straight away.

Dealing with Aggressive Behavior dogs

A dog may sometimes play up his aggressive behavior to
challenge you and see if you will give in to him. Therefore, this needs to
be dealt with immediately otherwise your dog thinks that his behavior is
acceptable and the problem will become even worse.
The problem may have been started if you let your dog growl as a puppy to
get his way. As your dog wasn’t told off for doing it, he still thinks that
he is allowed to do it and as your dog gets older and bigger, the behavior
will get even worse.
In order to control your dog’s aggression, start training your dog as a
puppy. You need to let your dog know that his behavior is unacceptable. To
reduce your dog’s aggression it is also a good idea to make him socialize
around other dogs and people.

Getting your dog used to being around other
dogs will help him to learn that it is wrong to bark, growl and jump at
them and he start correcting his aggresive behavior.
If your dog was ever attacked or abused at some point in his life, this will
have taught him to be aggressive back in order to protect himself. Anything
that is used to physically hurt a dog will increase their aggressive
behavior. Therefore physical punishment should never be used during

Aggressive Dogs

All aggressive dogs show some signs of aggression whether it be standing
tall and stiff, pinning his ears down with his tail tucked between his legs,
staring aggressively or crouching whilst avoiding eye contact.
Gradual training is the key to helping an aggressive dog. Make sure you
don’t force your dog into socializing with other dogs and people and this
may make him feel threatened and trigger his aggressiveness.
With a dominantly aggressive or territorial dog, the best training is
obedience training. Never lose your temper as an aggressive dog will take
advantage of you.

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